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Design Matters.

During half term, my daughter and I took the train to London for a last minute overnight break. She studies A level photography and we both love exploring, on foot and love buildings and differing architectural designs. In day to day life it’s easy to ‘miss’ or under appreciate the value of ‘good design’ or…
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Holiday Home Design

During a very recent family holiday on Lanzarote, I was prompted to think about the differing standards of both the apartment we were then staying in (with the really lovely view below of the Charco San Gines) and various other homes we had previously rented on the island. Generally we choose not to stay ‘in…
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Self Build Homes

So, you may be reading this and considering a self build? Are you thinking you are mad? Or do the family? Has it been a ‘niggling’ dream for some years? There are a myriad of articles online and on paper on the subject, but, having done this ourselves, no, we don’t think you are mad…
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Think about home ‘design’ from the word go…

When thinking of building a home as a ‘self build’ or adding an extension, look around your immediate area, is there a predominance of a particular style or of certain materials, brick, render, chalk, carstone, flint? The gable end on this home, was considered well before the home was built, Flemish Bond brickwork, False Window…
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