Self Build Homes

So, you may be reading this and considering a self build?

Are you thinking you are mad? Or do the family? Has it been a ‘niggling’ dream for some years?

There are a myriad of articles online and on paper on the subject, but, having done this ourselves, no, we don’t think you are mad and done right, you and your family could be living in exactly the sort of property you desire with the knowledge that you did it yourselves. It’s a good feeling!

You will though, need a strong constitution, the will to succeed and to endure…

Here are just a few of the things you will need to start thinking about in earnest.

Funds: where are these going to come from? Do your research before you find a building plot or piece of land. Self build mortgages are a challenge to secure, and cash flow is vital both before and during a build…

Land: are you being gifted a piece of land, have you found somewhere, are you getting daily updates from pre-set searches on one of the online property portals, have you listed with local estate agents on the ground and made it clear you are actively looking for land? Has the land got permission to build on or not?

Where will you live during the build? We chose a static caravan on site. It was cost effective and increased site security. Our children loved it and took it as an extended camping holiday, we put the majority of our possessions into storage and lived ‘back to basics’. You may wish to rent or be in the position where you stay in your current home or with friends or family, it’s a discussion that needs to be had, early on.

Stamp duty: check out your position with an estate agent or solicitor.

Self Build Insurance Policy: Including but not limited to; a structural warranty, public liability, fire, theft, storm damage and unfinished work cover.

VAT- get advice on this. Keep every receipt and record every payment made, when you finish you can claim for a refund for much of the materials used on the build. This refund can be like a breath of fresh air when you complete!

In our experience, being realistic will help you enormously, both with land, the size of your designs, internal fittings and fixtures and being honest about your budget, whether that be generous or modest.

Think about the sort of home you want and need, come to us once you have your land and lets put some ideas down together. We will put plans onto CAD drawings, we can discuss planning permissions, and submit an application. Once you have your plans drawn, try not to make unnecessary changes.

Do keep in mind, self builders reputedly now account for almost 10% of private new build homes in the UK, so you most definitely are not alone!