Self Build Tip.

Sitting here in Fakenham this morning (in a deluge of rain) steaming cup of tea in hand (yes, we are real people), a thought comes to mind, that is not strictly related to planning permission or even plans, but rather, making plans, or planning ahead!

Although our work now concentrates on the delivery of drawings for new homes, conversions, extensions and floor plans, for many years we have built homes both for sale to the public and for ourselves.

One key thing that all our builds had in common, was that we started the gardens at the same time as the homes. We plan and design them, and build them alongside the main home. It’s never an after thought or the last thing we do, when the budget has nearly been spent!

The benefits of planting up your garden, and laying your lawn, be it small or larger, with the property are massive. As anyone who has self built will know, the time just before and when you move into your home can be stressful, so to go in and look out of the window and see a landscape planted and ready to grow is a relief, if you have children they immediately have a place to be outside and play and adults can enjoy the outside area and share it with family & friends, it helps to maximize the ‘feel good’ factor of ‘moving in’!

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