Planning Applications

Full Planning Applications or Householder Applications submitted within the next couple of weeks and validated at the start of October should in theory reach decision level at the local authority at the beginning of December!

Leaving you December and the New Year to submit for Building Regulations approval, get quotes in from builders and tradesmen and ready to start exterior works in early Spring or interior works much earlier…

Contact us, to discuss your ideas for a home extension, conversion or new build.

Dining room

Autumn Applications

There’s more than a hint that Autumn is on the way here in Norfolk.

Leaves are starting to float down from the Horse Chestnut trees, there’s a strong breeze, Geraniums are in their final flush of flower and the evenings are pulling in.

As we get accustomed to shutting the curtains or pulling down the blinds earlier, and making peace with more indoor activities it might be a great time to start discussing ideas that may have been popping up in your heads for an extension to the family home.

Clear the kitchen table, throw down a sheet or two of paper and start scribbling!

Do you have the external space for an extention?

What extra internal rooms do you most need?

An extended kitchen, for cooking and more storage, for a big table to accommodate the extra teenagers that come in the form of your children’s boyfriends or girlfriends. A spare bedroom for older parent’s comfort or an annex to give working children some much needed space while they save for their own home…

Do you need single or two storey?

Will this be at the side or the rear of the property?

Get a few ideas together, then consider contacting us, we can discuss your permitted development rights- meaning no planning application required (although Building Control will need to approve) or whether you’ll need a ‘householder application’.

Planning applications usually take 8-10 weeks to pass through the local authority, now is an ideal time to start thinking…