Material Considerations…

As your planning application passes through the planning system, there are a number of ‘material considerations’ that planners take into account before determining their response:

Parking & Highway safety


Government policy – guided by the NPPF

Policy in the local development plan (for your district council area)


Overlooking & loss of privacy

Loss of light

Layout & Density

Disabled access

Previous Planning Decisions

Nature conservation

Effect on Conservation area

Effect on listed building

It is not simply whether the planners like your idea or not…

Preparation of your Plans.

Sometimes we are asked by clients if we can work alongside additional professionals already contracted by them.

We are indeed able to work alongside Town Planners etc if you need plans for attaching to a planning application being submitted separately. For example in the case of an appeal against a refusal or after a withdrawal.

Do contact us with your requirements.





Self Build Homes

So, you may be reading this and considering a self build?

Are you thinking you are mad? Or do the family? Has it been a ‘niggling’ dream for some years?

There are a myriad of articles online and on paper on the subject, but, having done this ourselves, no, we don’t think you are mad and done right, you and your family could be living in exactly the sort of property you desire with the knowledge that you did it yourselves. It’s a good feeling!

You will though, need a strong constitution, the will to succeed and to endure…

Here are just a few of the things you will need to start thinking about in earnest.

Funds: where are these going to come from? Do your research before you find a building plot or piece of land. Self build mortgages are a challenge to secure, and cash flow is vital both before and during a build…

Land: are you being gifted a piece of land, have you found somewhere, are you getting daily updates from pre-set searches on one of the online property portals, have you listed with local estate agents on the ground and made it clear you are actively looking for land? Has the land got permission to build on or not?

Where will you live during the build? We chose a static caravan on site. It was cost effective and increased site security. Our children loved it and took it as an extended camping holiday, we put the majority of our possessions into storage and lived ‘back to basics’. You may wish to rent or be in the position where you stay in your current home or with friends or family, it’s a discussion that needs to be had, early on.

Stamp duty: check out your position with an estate agent or solicitor.

Self Build Insurance Policy: Including but not limited to; a structural warranty, public liability, fire, theft, storm damage and unfinished work cover.

VAT- get advice on this. Keep every receipt and record every payment made, when you finish you can claim for a refund for much of the materials used on the build. This refund can be like a breath of fresh air when you complete!

In our experience, being realistic will help you enormously, both with land, the size of your designs, internal fittings and fixtures and being honest about your budget, whether that be generous or modest.

Think about the sort of home you want and need, come to us once you have your land and lets put some ideas down together. We will put plans onto CAD drawings, we can discuss planning permissions, and submit an application. Once you have your plans drawn, try not to make unnecessary changes.

Do keep in mind, self builders reputedly now account for almost 10% of private new build homes in the UK, so you most definitely are not alone!

Autumn Applications

There’s more than a hint that Autumn is on the way here in Norfolk.

Leaves are starting to float down from the Horse Chestnut trees, there’s a strong breeze, Geraniums are in their final flush of flower and the evenings are pulling in.

As we get accustomed to shutting the curtains or pulling down the blinds earlier, and making peace with more indoor activities it might be a great time to start discussing ideas that may have been popping up in your heads for an extension to the family home.

Clear the kitchen table, throw down a sheet or two of paper and start scribbling!

Do you have the external space for an extention?

What extra internal rooms do you most need?

An extended kitchen, for cooking and more storage, for a big table to accommodate the extra teenagers that come in the form of your children’s boyfriends or girlfriends. A spare bedroom for older parent’s comfort or an annex to give working children some much needed space while they save for their own home…

Do you need single or two storey?

Will this be at the side or the rear of the property?

Get a few ideas together, then consider contacting us, we can discuss your permitted development rights- meaning no planning application required (although Building Control will need to approve) or whether you’ll need a ‘householder application’.

Planning applications usually take 8-10 weeks to pass through the local authority, now is an ideal time to start thinking…



Starting a Property Journey…


Property is a journey that many of us make, long term throughout our lives.

We started off as a young couple, with a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and a very tight budget. Sat over a coffee in a rented house-share, we decided to jot down where we’d like to buy in our locality and the places that we wouldn’t consider.

Some on our top choices had to be crossed out wistfully as they were out of reach financially, others stayed – we’ve always been realists…

Then began the process of viewing and assessing a number of potential homes.

The property we bought was purchased for a number of reasons: the location was on our ‘acceptable’ list.  The home, an end terrace, two up two down represented a series  of compromises that we were prepared to make.

Path from front to rear for the lawn mower.

No garage but parking.

No dining room but a spacious, light kitchen large enough for a good sized breakfast table.

No hallway but a sitting room that you could swing a cat in!

2 bedrooms and an upstairs bathroom.

There was a front garden with space for a border under the sitting room window and a back garden big enough for our own 6×6 shed!

What swung it initially was the location, what sealed it was the layout of the ground floor – less being more to us and the start of our passion for a feeling of space and then open plan living.

When the mother in law saw the place she asked ‘you aren’t thinking of buying this pokey little hole are you?’, ‘NO’ we said, ‘we’ve bought it’ – and so our property journey began….

Whether you are staring your journey and need plans on paper to juggle how your interior space is laid out, if you have moved up the ladder a rung or two and need drawings for an extension to accommodate a growing family, or perhaps you are selling up to spend a year in a static caravan and build a new home (yes, we’ve been there) contact us and let’s chat…

Permission Granted:

Another lovely North Norfolk weekend behind us, and just a quick reminder that, we are a small, local, family run business and always happy to discuss how to move forward on your project towards gaining planning permission…

Happily we’ve just received another positive response from local authority:

Change of use for a shop premises in the King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council area to Thai Massage Therapy business.

As ever, we have been pleased to assist our clients.

Don’t forget to get in touch for an estimate for Building Regulations Drawings once you have received Planning Approval.

The best way to contact us is via our website contact form! Give us as much information as you can and we will email you back.